What to expect

At the session: 

You'll have the opportunity to develop your own drawing practice through observation of a clothed portrait model sitting for a long pose. These sessions are untutored so you will be working under your own steam. You can think creatively about how you choose to draw the subject - for example, you could opt to focus on the head, hands or the whole figure; it's really up to you.

The twist:

Create and curate. This is entirely optional, but we'd love to see participants take work away from the session itself and push it further in the comfort of their own creative space, developing work from the session with paint, pencil, pastel, ink, illustration, embroidery, etc.

You will be able to take reference photos* on the night which you may wish to work from (or to use your drawings from the session) in your own time. We'd encourage you to share the derivative work you may choose to create (as well as any drawings from the session, of course!) and, if there's enough interest and a suitable body of work, we'd love to put on a group show in Autumn 2015. As The Stirchley Sessions are monthly, this gives you some time to play after each session! You are also invited to submit a self portrait (if you wish) to bring not only your work, but yourself, to viewers.

*Please note that reference photos are only for your own personal reference and you are not permitted be share,distribute, publish or sell the images.


Express your interest as an artist or a portrait model (if you've not already told us):

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